Reseeding America


Would you like to see new churches started in America?

Do you have a desire to see your church plant a new church here in the United States?

Do you have a desire to help new church planters who are being sent out by other churches?

Do you have men in your church who have a desire to plant a new independent Baptist church?

We can assist you and your church in the following ways:

Giving step-by-step assistance to your church and your church planter from men who have successfully planted multiple churches in the United States.

Training that is specifically designed for the man who plans to start a church in America.

Assisting the church planter in his deputation ministry to assure that necessary funds are available to meet the needs of the church planter.

Giving you and your church numerous opportunities to be directly involved in the “start-up” of the new church.

Offering regular and frequent "on the field" assistance not just in the "start-up" of the church but also in the maturing of the church. This might include counsel and our assistance in renting a facility, buying a building, or building a new church building.

Offering follow-up assistance at your request or at the request of your church planter. This would include counsel in leadership, discipleship, and/or mentoring of the church planter.


‘...I am grateful for the work of Reseeding America in helping to start new churches…’

– Pastor David Price

Providence Baptist Church

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