Reseeding America


Welcome to the new BIMI Reseeding America website, and thank you for your interest in planting and restarting independent Baptist churches here in the United States.

The Reseeding America Ministry is the USA Division of Baptist International Missions, Inc. Over one hundred Reseeding America church planters are presently starting and restarting and establishing churches in America to reach

Main Stream America

Inner City Metropolitan Areas

Native Americans

Ethnic Groups in the United States

The Deaf

The need for people in the United States to know Jesus Christ has never been greater than the hour in which we now live. Some still say that America is really not a mission field because everyone in the United States has had an oportunity to hear the Gospel at least twice. We have not found that statement to be accurate or truthful. There are many regions and places across this great land where multitudes of people have never heard the good news that Jesus saves. Please pray God will raise up more laborers for the harvest field in America. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest (Matthew 9:38).